Paidverts Review – Why Should You Stay Away From Paidverts

Paidverts complete review


People that are familiar with PTC sites know this fact:

A single click can earn you up to 2 cents.

But a few years back, a site named Paidvets came up with an enticing business model.

And claimed that they are providing high-value ads. Which means a single click can earn you in dollars instead of cents. The value of a single advertisement can go up to $100.

But surely, what is happening inside is not really same as what they are saying.

In this review, we are going reveal everything that is happening inside Paidverts and let you know whether you should be spending your time on Paidverts or not.

What is Paidverts and how it works

Basically, Paidverts is a PTC site that promises to offer high-value ads

Paidverts high value for a single clickPaidverts works based on something called Bonus Ad Point(BAP), each BAP worths $0.0005.

You need to gain more BAP on your account to start receiving ads.

In Paidverts, When it comes to earning BAP is the key factor. The more BAP you have the higher the value of the ad.

For every ad you receive they take away BAP worth the same.

Let’s say you receive 1 dollar ad, they will take 2000 BAPs from your account.

Paidverts gives you two different ways to gain BAP.

First, The daily ads.

Every day you will receive 8 ads each worth 15 BAP, So you can make 120 BAPs a day from the first method.

Paidverts daily free adsAnd they take away half of that as the daily tax. So, at the end of the day, you end up making 60 BAP.

By receiving this little amount of BAP, you could not make enough BAP that will bring you the ideal number of ads.

If you still want to make money on this site, you are in the position to gain more BAP.

And this is where they introduce you ad packs, where each ad pack costs you one dollar, In return for that, they will give 50 views to your advertisement and 2400 BAP which worths $1.20.

When I was working in 2015, they gave me $1.55 worth BAP per Adpack.

Let’s say you purchase 20 ad packs and you receive 48000 BAP in return. So you have $24 worth BAP.

At this point, you may think, “Now it is my job to convert them into money”.

But it is not coming as easy as you think. They have some awesome tricks to draw your money into their pocket.

And that what we are going to discuss to in the next topic.

What happens after receiving BAP

When I was planning to join Paidverts, I saw people clicking $100 ads.

Just put yourself there and think about making that much of money for a single click from a site that is receiving positive responses from the influential people in the PTC industry.

I was a poor kid thinking that they are going to send me high-value ads randomly based on luck.

But I was wrong. But why?

First of all, this site classifies members based on how much BAP they have. Right now they have fifteen different levels.

The more BAP you hold, the higher the number and value of the ads will be.

If you are planning to invest $50 dollars, this is what usually happens, they send you the promised number of BAP and you are waiting for ads to hit your account.

And they send you some good value ad along with tons of low-value ads. Just imagine clicking hundred 0.0005 ads to make 5 cents.

To avoid this, they offer you a tool called ad filter which allows you to set the ad value to the desired amount. It costs you $10.

Filter ads with Paidverts ad filter

If you increase the value of the ads, it will decrease the number of ads.

Members with more than 100,000 BAP receive a fair amount of higher value ad.

And having a high amount of BAP is also dangerous one, I will explain this to you later in this article.

Ad boost packs

Next, they have ad boost packs to increase the value of ads.

It costs $2.99 and $19.99 respectively.

The $2.99 one gives ads from 1 cent to 49 cents and $19.99 one gives you ads above 50 cents.

Upgrades available on paidverts - ad boost packs

Ad boost packs give you 1% of ads from all ads purchases made on that week.

For example, if 1000 ad campaigns were purchased in one week, 1% of that total value will be shared among members who bought ad boost pack.

But remember this point, no matter whatever boost pack you buy, they just take away your BAP and give ads.

For instance, I bought a $2.99 ad boost pack, over the course of a week they give me 1% Ad worth $5.42 and take away about eleven thousand BAP.

Ad boost packs Paidverts

That eleven thousand BAP cost $3.50 as an investment since $1 gave me 3100 BAP (now it’s 2200) and add $2.99 fees now you can clearly see that they charged me $6.50 to make $5.42.

These are nothing but clever tricks.

Sometimes, your earnings may fall above or below this.

BAP Debt Swap

Earlier in this article, I just mentioned that having higher BAP also put you in trouble.

But how? isn’t that going bring you tons of high-value ads. of course, it will.

But here they have another trick.

Let me explain that, Paidverts conduct something called BAP swap which will reset your BAP balance to zero and convert all your BAP into my traffic value shares at an exchange rate of 227 BAP per share.

My traffic value is a crowdfunding website that is owned by the same company as Paidverts.

You may also want to know why they swap BAP?

When you buy an ad pack that creates a $0.20 debt to Paidverts.

Debt starts to gain with the number ad packs purchased.

In order to reduce debt in value, they swap all your BAP and send them to my traffic value as share.

Since My traffic value shares can be purchased or sold only by its members, they don’t have to pay you by themselves as promised.

Let’s say they swap 5 billion BAP, (5billion*0.0005) it worths $2.5 million. By exchanging that 5 billion BAP for share there will be 22 million shares.

Since their products are not performing well on market, there is no demand for my traffic value shares which makes the share price to fall down.

In my case, it was selling at the rate of 1 cent per share where I had to sell that above 8 cents just to get back what I invested.

Selling royalty share position on My traffic value

By the time this article was written, each share costs 0.0015 as shown below.

My traffic value share price

So, 22 millions of shares are going to cost $3,300.

just take a look at the difference, Paidverts cut a huge amount of money just by converting your BAP into shares.

Worst of all, Paypal stopped supporting this site. After Paypal something we can consider is Payza.

Payza charges four percent fees for both sending and receiving money.

Paidverts payza fees

This makes you lose 8 percent of your money just for transferring it.

Is there any benefit from Paidverts

Talking about Paidverts, The only benefit that you are going receive is those 50 visits to your advertisement.

Visitors are also requested to copy and paste the phrases that you put in which may help you to make your visitors to take action.


Finally, I am glad that I give up working on that site with the last cashout I received.

Since they pay on the right time as promised, we could not call Paidverts as a scam.

But surely, it is a lousy model that will make you waste time and money, and something you should stay away from.

sadly, I still see people falling into their trap.

Even if you joined or made an investment, just earn and cash out as soon as possible.

There are tons of genuine places to go, Instead of falling on a place like this.

do you have any bad or good experience with this site? If there is any, let us know in the comments.

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