5 Best GPT Sites – Get Paid For Completing Surveys And Offers.


5 Best GPT sites - Get paid to complete Surveys and offersWith the internet in your hand, Opportunities approaching you right on your computer or mobile screen.

And the chances to make money online are also plenty these days.

But what If you are someone who is new and hoping for a part-time or extra income on the internet. Since you are getting started, You are probably looking for a simple way without any investment.

If you can somehow relate yourself to a situation like this, the place that I should recommend you to go to is GPT sites.

GPT site, the term that stands for Get Paid To, is a place where you sign up for free and earn money for doing simple activities like filling surveys, completing tasks, searching the internet, playing games along with a few other ways.

Above all, the sites we give you here taking members regardless of age, nationality or experience. So you may be a student, a housewife or a senior citizen, all these sites are welcoming you as members.

Best GPT Sites – Complete Offers and Surveys for Cash

Here we listed 5 best and genuine GPT sites, especially for people living outside the US.

So no matter where you are from, India, Philippines, or any other part of the world, you can just sign up and start to work on these sites immediately.


Clixsense, A get paid to site (GPT) that offers surveys and tasks.

Clixsense has been in the GPT business for almost 10 years with more than 5 million dollars paid to its members.

At Clixsense, As they have partnered with some of the top survey panels, you can expect plenty of surveys from them.

Next to surveys, we have crowd flower tasks. Crowdflower is Micro tasking site that offers small jobs through clixsense.

Even though all the other sites we mention here offer you the same tasks as Clixsense, The higher pay rate and a 26 percent commission make clixsense much favorable.

They also have all the many offers completing panels, and from them you can expect a variety of tasks like downloading apps, signing up for programs and playing games.

To make some extra money from offers keep checking them once or twice a week.

One more another good thing about this site is the referral program. by inviting your friends and family to Clixsense, you can add 20 percent of their earnings as commission.

Sign up for Clixsense

refer: The Complete Guide to Clixsense


Swagbucks, One of the best GPT sites, is offering surveys, offers, paid videos to make money on spare time

Swagbucks is one of the biggest names in the GPT industry, this site so far has paid well over 4 million dollars to its members in reward.

You can spend your time at Swagbucks by completing offers such as watching videos, participating in polls and completing surveys.

And you can also use their search engine to browse which will earn you random rewards.

Similar to Clixsense, Swagbucks also offers the referral program. With that, you can refer as many peoples as you want and the referral commission stands at a lifelong 10 percent.

Even though you can find Crowdflower tasks on Swagbucks as well, I would suggest you use Clixsense over Swagbucks.

Swagbucks sends payments through Paypal where minimum cashout is just $5, and If you are interested, you can also choose other methods like gift cards.

Sign up for Swagbucks

Treasure Trooper

Treasure trooper GPT site, A site offers cashback shopping, surveys, paid videos. and offers.

Treasure trooper is another site with a whole lot of different user interface. Almost everything On this site will make you feel like you are looking for a hidden treasure.

Just like the other site, treasure trooper offers you similar ways, like completing surveys, searching the web, watching videos and offer walls.

And this site lets you shop at your favorite e retailers with cashback shopping.

For cashout, Once you reached $20 they will send it to you by check or Paypal.

Sign up for Treasure Trooper


Timebucks is a brand new site that offers surveys, offers and other tasks to make money.

Timebucks is a brand new site with a good reputation and is also performing really well. Most of the offers at times buck are related to watching videos or slideshows.

You are also allowed to make them promotional videos where every accepted video will make you $3. In addition, they have 5 level affiliate marketing. Besides these, Timebuck also has Plenty of survey panels and offer walls with a nice number of surveys and surveys.

Sign up for Time Bucks


Instagc offers, tasks, surveys and offers for cash

Instagc is simple GPT site, with the same features as other GPT sites. In short, this is another typical site with similar opportunities.

But their minimum cashout make this site more appealing, And it is as low as $1. Working on a few crowd flower tasks may lead you to a cashout.

Instagc sends your earnings through Paypal.

Sign up for InstaGC

So How Much You are Going to Make from GPT Sites

By now, You have probably created an account on each site given to you.

And now you are probably wondering ” how much money I am going to make from these?” Of course, this is a typical question that everyone would like to ask.

Well, Let me address that.

Technically, If you are capable of making a ton of referrals, It’s unlimited. On the other hand, if you decide to work by yourself, you may make it close to a hundred dollars or more. But whatever your strategy is, If you want to give a little push to your earnings, I would suggest using Micro-job sites with Gpt sites.

By using both of them together, you can make sure that you have consistent job opportunities, that means that a constant side income.

How to Increase Your Earning

And finally, There are two important things you must follow for a good experience with GPT sites,

First, All the GPT sites have the same offer walls with different payouts, because of this, before completing an offer, check for the site that guarantees you the higher payout.

Second, Refer as many people as you can, as that is the key factor to increase earnings. You can find a lot of people like-minded people on social media and question and answer sites.

It is simple to make money If you know where to begin. And now that you have the 5 best GPT sites and know how to work on them, you have a simple way to make passive income online.

finally, Let your family and friends know about this opportunity. And If you need any help from us, let us know in the comments.

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