Paidverts Review – Why Should You Stay Away From Paidverts

Paidverts complete review

looking to make money from Paidverts?

This article is penned especially for you.

If you are familiar with PTC sites, You probably know how much you can earn from a Single Click.

Actually, It’s one or two cents, Right!

But a few years back, Paidverts came up with an attractive business model that seemed like it is going to change the PTC industry forever.

Paidverts, simply, promised to offer ads in dollars instead of cents. You make a click that earns anywhere from few cents to a hundred dollar.

Paidverts High Value ads like in Dollars

And everybody started to march towards the site with the hope to make an easy passive income.

But, did their hope become reality?

Well, Continue reading this article, That is what I am about to share with you in this article.

In this article, we will be reviewing the up and downsides of Paidvert.

So before continuing with Paidverts, take a few minutes to read this article (it will save you a lot of time and money).

How Paidvrts Works

First of all, Let’s begin with how this site works.

The very basic concept in Paidverts is a Bonus Ad Point. in real-world money, each BAP worths $.0005.

And the ads you receive in Paidverts are also derived from the BAPs. In simple words, you are going to exchange BAPs for real money.

For every Ad you receive, BAP worth the same will be deducted from your account. For example, if you receive a $1 ad, 2000 BAPs will be taken away from your Account.

And have to have BAPs to receive ads, and most importantly if you want higher value ads, like in dollars, you need to have a ton of BAPs.

In simple words, The more BAPs you own, higher the value of the ads will be.

Now you know it is obvious to gain BAPs in order to earn more money. Right!

So how you are going that?

Gaining BAPs On Paidverts

Well, Paidverts has two possible options to gain so.

One, By clicking daily activation ads where you will receive 8 activation ads each day worth 15 BAPs, but at the end of the day, about half of that will be removed as daily BAP tax.

Paidverts daily free ads

Second, Purchasing Adpacks, By purchasing Ad Packs you will be receiving 2400 BAPs, which equals $1.20, for every $1 you spend on Adpacks.

So what is the best choice to gain more BAPs?

Since we know that the daily activation ads are not going to do any good, probably, the best choice you can go for is purchasing ad packs as it seems profitable.

For example, If you buy a $10 worth Adpack they will give you twenty-four thousand (24,000) BAPs which equals $12 in the real world money. And a two dollar of profit for a ten dollar investment. Doesn’t it seem great?

Paidverts gives members 2400 BAPs for every $1 worth ads.

(Look: By the time I was working there, it would have been 31,000 BAPs as they were giving 3100 BAPs for every $1 Adpack purchased)

At this point, This is what going through anyone’s mind:

“Wow, Now I all need to do is to click the ads to be profitable”.

But This is the exact point where they make it even trickier for you.

The Ad Filter

Here is the very first thing they do,

If you have a good number of BAPs, for example, Over a hundred thousand BAPs, they will send you some high-value ads along with a ton of low-value ads.

Low-value ads mean, at its least, it is 0.0005. They put you in a place where you need to click hundreds of ads to make a few cents. To prevent you from the lesser value ads, they give you a remedy, a tool called Adfilter.

Filter ads with Paidverts ad filter

And it costs you about $10. Above all, they make you purchase it by simply sending low-value ads.

Once the Adfilter enabled, you have the access to determine the minimum value of the ads you are going to receive.

But… there is a downside too, it would reduce the number of ads you receive, that means that you will see a significant decrease in your daily earnings.

If you are still not satisfied with the ads you receive, Paidverts has another option for you to do that. it is called the 1% value Upgrade.

The 1% Value Ads

Here is exactly what a 1% ad upgrade means,

We already know that people purchase ads to increase their BAP count. And Paidverts take advantage of that to create another way to attract people, They offer you an upgrade called 1% value ads.

And there are two different upgrades, a 2.99$ upgrade then 19.99$ upgrade.

The $2.99 upgrade gives you 1% value of all the ad packs purchased from $1-$49 in a week of time and it’s $50 and over for $19.99 upgrade.

Upgrades available on paidverts - ad boost packs

For example, Let’s say a thousand people purchased Adpacks worth $50 and over, the 1% value of the ads will be shared between users.

In this case, it will approximately be (50*1000*1%) $500. So this $500, in a course of a week, will be shared among users with $19.99 upgrade.

But remember no matter what type of upgrade you purchase, they deduct BAPs and give you ads.

And now, you may ask “is it worth purchasing an upgrade?”

Let me show it through a real-life example,

Back in 2015, when I was an active member, I bought a $2.99 upgrade, And over the course of a week they give me Ads worth $5.42 and deducted about 11,000 BAPs.

Ad boost packs Paidverts
That eleven thousand BAPs cost me $3.50 as an investment since $1 gave me 3100 BAPs by that time (now it’s 2200) and add $2.99 fees they charged, now you can blatantly see that they charged me $6.50 to make me earn $5.42.

And It is disappointing.

Thankfully, It was 2015, If the same thing happens today in 2018, it will be worst than what I faced.

But remember, this is just an Example, In some cases, there may be some possibility to earn a little bit more than what you invested.

So far, this site is doing okay and worth spending a while.

Until they hit you below the belt with their ugly tactics they employ.

It is called BAP debt swap.

What is a BAP Debt Swap and Why Paidvets Implements It.

Simply, Debt swap is activity from Paidverts which happens several times a year and it will reset all your BAPs and balance to zero.

Yes, In other words, they remove all the BAPs and money you saved so far and give you my traffic value (another company owned Paidverts) shares in return.

To understand a Dept swap, we need to remember the first principle of Paidverts. You invest 1 dollar to receive 1.2 dollars in return. And that creates a 0.2 dollar of debt for Paidverts.

with thousands of Adpacks purchased every day, the debt just keeps growing in value. And to keep the site stable, they scrap all your earning and BAPs away.

And this is the reason why a debt swap takes place.

So what To Do With My Traffic Value Shares

Now you have My traffic value share, is it going to help you to earn your money back?

well, let me address that too.

Like mentioned before, for every 227 BAPs you receive one share. So each share cost you, approximately, 11 cents. Now it’s clear that, for a profit, you need to sell that for 11 cents or over.

And one another important point, shares can only be sold between members, Paidverts has nothing to do with that.

My traffic value is a lottery company, that also sell some products and services. Since their products are not doing well in the markets, their share price also falls towards the ground.

Back in 2015, the value was just one cent.

Selling royalty share position on My traffic value

By the time, I publish this article, each share had a value of 0.0015. If we make a calculation with this figure, you are not going make it to even close to the investment. In other words, you almost lost all your money.

let me show that through an Example.

From the image above, you can see a person selling his shares for $0.0015 per share and sells about 250,000 shares. And from the image, it is visible that he is going make $376.

My traffic value share price

And now let’s calculate how much he should have been paid for what he invested, 250,000*0.11 equals $27,500.

Can you see the difference, Paidverts just make this man loss $27,000 of his money. Which is totally unethical and unacceptable.

And Paidverts cleverly jump about of the scene, put all the loses on your head, which is something not really appreciated.

In the headline, solely for the above reason, I stated: “why you should stay away from Paidverts”.

Paidverts games and Cashout

Paidverts Games - Probability of losing money is high

Paidverts also let you play different games using BAPs.

And I played almost all of them, From that experience, All I can say to you is this:

when you start playing games, it may seem entertaining and making you money.

Once you go deeper, start spending more and more, you will lose a lot of BAP without even realizing it.

Believe me, I lost about half of my BAPs without even realizing that I am losing them. Above all, it’s programmed. So it will be a great choice to keep some distance from the games.

Next, we have cashout section, since Paypal stopped supporting this site because of the betting, the next choice we have is Payza. (update: Payza is now blocked by American Homeland Security)

Payza charges you 4 percent for both sending and receiving money. And this, indirectly, makes you lose 8 percent of your earnings in transactions.

Paidverts payza fees

Then who should join Paidverts?

Even though Paidverts is not ideal choice to make money, Beside BAPs they also give you 50 visits to your advertisement.

And it is unique, not only people are going to watch your ad but also copy and paste the three sentences of your choice.

For example, to get referrals for GPT sites or any other site that allow Referral program, You can share your message with visitors to get decent results.


Paidverts is a deceptive business model, looking attractive but nothing of special when you spend your time on this site.

If your only intention is to make money, never waste your time and money.

Above all, this is a kind of site that requires a lot of investment with no assurance for the return of investment.

But we can’t go straight ahead and call this a scam as Paidverts is still up and paying users at the right time. But now you know what is happening inside, So it is you making the decision and I hope that will be the right one.

Did have any bad or good experience with the site, or you have any question to ask, share it in the comments.


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