Spare5 Review – Complete Fun Jobs For Cash (In-depth Guide)

Spare5 cash for fun jobs

Let me be honest with you, Finding legitimate sites to earn money is not an easy task.

Spare5 is one of the few genuine sites that I across that give you a job and pay you at the right time as well.

Spare5 is a subsidiary of Seattle, Washington based company named MightyAI.

A company that helps other companies to solve the Artificial intelligent related problem.

But for that, they need the common people, like you and me.

So you want to work with them, and make money at the same time?

Well, We explain all you need to know throughout this review.

So let’s get started.

Spare5 and types of tasks it offers

Like mentioned earlier, All the Jobs from Spare5 are related to Artificial Intelligence (AI).

But don’t get confused by the term AI. The tasks are so simple that even a 7-year-old can complete them without having any issue.

But for now, you may be interested in knowing how your tasks are going to look like.

So let me give you some examples from a few categories to get an Idea of tasks.


In this category, you simply need to label the objects. For example, If there is a car, you will be asked to draw a box around and label it as a car.

Spare5 annotation task

2. Drawing outline and boundaries

Where you need to drawing boundary lines around the object.

For example, Below is a task that asks you to draw lines on the marks in the road.

Spare5 road boundary drawing tasks.

3. Reviewing pictures and videos

In this one, you will be given an image or video with a set of instructions to complete the tasks.

Here is a simple task I received. They asked me to judge whether the image contains the specific object or not.

Spare5 image asks to judge the image

Or look at this one where you need to decide what sport is in the image given.

Image judging tasks-2 spare5

These are the common types of tasks you would usually receive.

most of the time the tasks are always going to be the same. sometimes, you may also receive some other interesting and fun-filled tasks outside these categories.

Account registration and setup

Setting up the account is one of the most important parts of your journey with spare5.

Start by visiting spare5 and creating your account.

As soon as you sign up, right in the very beginning, Spare will ask you to complete a basic survey to get to know about you.

And also enable notifications, It will notify you of new tasking opportunities.

Getting started with Spare5


In your dashboard, you will see a video with the title ” welcome to Spare5″. I highly recommend you to watch that video. And this will give you an idea about Spare5.

And Next, you need to connect your Paypal Account with your spare5 account. So that spare5 can send your earnings to you at the right time.

As of now, Paypal is the only gateway spare5 is accepting, So If you do not have a PayPal account, go ahead and create an Account. It’s free.

To add your PayPal account with Spare5, Hover over your profile picture and click on “account settings”.

Spare5 Account settings

Now you can find a link that asks you to sign in with Paypal, just log in to your PayPal account to add your PayPal account with Spare5.

Spare5 Paypal account Linking

Now your account is ready. In the next step, You are going to know how to receive tasks from Spare5.

In the setting page, click on login with Paypal button which will redirect you to Paypal, then sign in to your Paypal to add it with Spare5.

Now we have successfully set up our account. next, we need to discuss tasks.

Getting Started with Spare5

In the previous part, I mentioned you of a survey, in which you give some basic information about yourself.

That survey you complete, Usually, will give you 10 cents and 35XP.

Spare5 measures your tasking experience with XP (experience points).

And this is the very exact point most people quit.

First task from Spare5

Often this is the case, they sign up for the site, expect the site to send them tons of tasks immediately and get tired and eventually they quit.

Spare5 is entirely different from what you think and is basically a micro job site.

That means Spare5 receives projects and breaks it into small pieces of work and send it to its active members to get the job done.

No of tasks completed Spare5

If you really want to make money from Spare5 you need to follow some simple procedures.

Most people leave Spare5 with empty hand just because they do not know these three simple steps.

And here are they.

Spare tips and tricks

Step – 1

In the First step, You need to show them that you are a person on Spare5 that is willing to contribute to tasks with higher accuracy (which is actually you are).

So how you are gonna show that to them?

As soon as you enter into spare5 you will see a bunch of tutorials in your spare5 dashboard.

If you see any task in the tutorial section, it is an indication that paid tasks from that category are currently available.

After entering into the task, you will see clear and in-depth instructions to complete the tasks.

Spare5 task instructions

Take your time and complete them one by one.

These tutorials make you qualified for the paid tasks. So take them quite often as much as you can.


The more qualifiers you complete, the higher the chances you are completing tasks with higher precision. That will also turn into more tasking opportunities.

Step – 2

The second thing is you need to do is to engage with the community.

After completing tutorial tasks go to the community section and there you can see plenty of questions and answer, A place people discuss every top available on Spare5.

Community posting in Spare5

In overall it’s a thriving and community of people that love to discuss and get more tasks.

Now from your part, I want you to engage with the community, ask any question you have in mind. Let’s say you are working on a task, you may take that into discussion panel and discuss that as a topic.

Step – 3

Third, In the beginning, they may only give you a few paid tasks, like anywhere between one to ten. But take them a little seriously do your best job.

These tasks are an opportunity in disguise, once it’s manually verified by Spare5, chances are high you receiving more tasks.

Let me show this to you from an experience I had with Spare5.

It was a task where I was asked to paint the lanes and marks on the road. Initially, they send a few tasks, if I am Guessing right, it is about ten tasks. I completed them with my best effort.

Spare5 road and boundary task

And finally, It turned out to be hundreds of task opportunities along with a 10 dollar bonus for engaging with their task with higher accuracy.

Bonus from Spare5

What I try to say is that there is always an opportunity for people that are ready to put in good effort.

If you follow these steps you can expect more tasks and earnings from Spare5.

Below are pictures showing the stats of two people started working at the same time.


A good working person Spare5


Bad working person in Spare5

From the images, you can clearly see the first person squeezing money out of spare5, while others even failed to make the first cashout.

So always make sure you are following the steps mentioned above.


This is not always the case, sometime spare5 may run out of tasks. So always make sure you check your account at least once a day.

Spare5 Earnings and Payout

The minimum payout in spare5 is really simple to reach. It is as low as $1. Which you can easily reach without putting much effort.

Spare5 calculates weekly earnings from Wednesday to Wednesday, so if you make any money the next day that will be carried to the next week cashout.

A 48 dollar cashout received from Spare5.

Spare5 Payment via Spare5

Spare5 handles mechanical cashout that happens every Friday, so you don’t need to request for a cashout. Instead, Spare5 will take care of that.

Referral Program

This is a perfect way to increase your earnings from Spare5. In my case, So far I have earned $407 from Spare5 and nearly $150 of that came from my referrals.

Spare5 Referral program details

But the sad part is that they don’t offer you referral link instantly, You need to stay active for a few months to receive that.

With the referral program, you earn a bonus of $2 for every $10 your referral’s first $ 100. Just like you, your referral also receives a $1 bonus.

So always try to signup with a referral link as it will make you an additional $10.

iPhone App

Spare5 offers a mobile app to iPhone users with IOS9 or later.

Having an iPhone app will give you an edge over web users.

You receive benefits such as instant access to tasks, phone surveys, and many other tasks.

By the time this article was written, there is no app available for the Android platform.


So far, I shared everything you need to know about spare5. Go ahead and join Spare5 and Put all the given ideas into action. Ans also let me know how it worked.

Along with spare5 try other micro job sites too. All them combined may give you a good secondary income.

Now it’s your turn, do you have any experience with Spare5 or do you have any doubt? Share all them in the comments.



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