Rapidworkers Review – Is Rapiworkers Really a Legitimate Site?

Rapidworkers Review - Is rapidworkers a legitimate site

Rapidworkers, Surely, is one of the famous names in the Micro tasking community.

Being online for a while, the site still manages to maintain a good reputation.

but If you have a question like “is it totally a legitimate site?”

just like any other site, Rapidworkers also has it own up and downsides.

And in this review article, We will walk you through all the aspects of Rapidworks.

So let’s get started.

What is Rapidworks and how to make money from it

Rapidworkers is a traditional micro job site and that connects job seekers with employers.

And understanding the site is also pretty simple.

Let’s put Rapidworkers in simple words.

When an employer publishes a task with instruction, you have to follow the instruction to complete the task.

After evaluating the tasks completed, the employer will approve or disapprove your work which will lead you to make money for your time and work.

Well, Here is an example of how to complete a task.

Here is an employer asking job seekers to subscribe to his Youtube Channel.

How to complete a task at rapidworkers

This job is a pretty simple one and is going to take you only a few minutes to complete. Right!

Now, to work on the task, I am clicking on the link and go through the instruction and proof section.

How to complete tasks at Rapidworkers - Sample task

There is also a time limit to finish your job, Once you completed the work required, your employer will review your work to whether it’s meeting his/her expectation or not. Then you will get paid.

That’s it, This is how people are working and making money on Rapidworkers.

If you are comfortable doing jobs like this, Go ahead and create a free account and start to work on Rapdidworkers.

What kind of tasks are available at Rapidworkers

Now that we have already seen an example, Most of the tasks are similar to the previous one.

whenever you are looking for a job at Rapidworkers, you will find any of the following.

  • Completing Surveys.
  • Rating and reviewing social media and products.
  • Subscribing and Commenting on Youtube and other social media accounts.
  • Web testing.
  • Downloading and testing apps.
  • Signing up Accounts.

The good thing about all these tasks is that most of them would not take you anything more than 10 minutes to complete.

At the same time, It always super important to choose your tasks consciously.

Many tasks may seem easier to complete but there are some specific types of tasks that involve some risks.

Take a look at the image below.

An unethical task in Rapidworkers

An employer asking you to create and hand over a Gmail account to him.

Just think about this for a moment. Can you see any good cause from that?

This kind of people is going use your work nothing but for unlawful activities. So you are a better off staying away from these toxic people.

Basically, If you feel there is a potential problem with the task, avoid the tasks.

Try to make money, at the same time don’t put yourself at risk also try to maintain some moral value too.

The country-based Tasks

The country you are working from is also going play a major role in the tasks and the pay you are going to receive.

Rapidworkers only allow you to do tasks that come under your geographical location.

For example, Let’s say you are from Canada. That means you are only allowed to complete tasks that are available to Canadians.

To select the right task for your location, On the top, you can see a dropdown box with a list of locations.

As we looking for tasks available for Canada, You can choose any of the options that have Canada in it, including the international option.

In the image below, You can see the options that are applicable to Canada.

Country based tasks on Rapidworkers

Always remember this:

Rapidworkers paying more attention towards their user’s country.

In fact, they even take it more seriously so don’t try to complete tasks that are not coming under your geographical location.

So how much money one can make

Like mentioned before, Your earnings depend on your country and no of tasks available.

Since the Payout is just $8 through Paypal(Remember: You will be charged 6% transaction fees), you can easily reach your cashout without putting much effort.

How much money can I make from Rapidworkers

If you curious to know how much you can make, by the time this article was written, I ended up counting $11.22 worth tasks for international members only.

And that is more than enough to make your very first cashout. You can expect a little bit higher if you are from the US or Canada.

How to keep your account safe and Payment Proof

When I was examining for the negative part of Rapidworkers, I came to know that a few are not happy with the way Rapidworkers treated them.

A few of them even admitted that Rapidworkers suspended their accounts.

Let me give a quick note:

Rapidworkers takes things seriously and wants you to follow some of their basic rules.

To make your account safe, Make sure that you are not doing any of the activities below.

1. Don’t attempt to complete a task that is not coming under your location.
2. If it appears like you can’t complete a specific task, don’t try to do them.
3. Don’t send fake proof to the employer.
4. Avoid using the proxy to change your location.
5. Keep your work accuracy over 60% (It is a must)

By following these norms, you can prevent your account from any potential risk possible.

And Finally, Here is a screenshot of a Payment received from Rapidworkers.

A proof of Payment from Rapidworkers

Pros and Cons

Even though Rapidworkers is a legitimate site and pays at the right time, it still has some advantage and disadvantages.

Let’s see a few on both the sides.


  • It’s Free to join and accepts international members.
  • Pays through PayPal and you will receive payment on time.
  • Tasks are easier to complete.
  • A simple user interface that means easy to get started.


  • You can’t expect a lot of tasks as you expect on Mturk or Clickworker
  • Pay rate per task is lesser, If you are living in a country with the high cost of living.
  • Some tasks are unethical. (Like the one, We see before)
  • Tasks are country based, Even if you are capable of doing a job, you will not be allowed which is quite annoying.


Rapidworkers will be an awesome place for you If all you are looking for is an extra income in your spare time. Other than Rapidworkers, there are a few other Micro job sites similar to Rapidworker, Use all them together to increase job availability.

So far we have discussed all the available opportunities with their positive and negative side.

Now it’s your turn.

Are you working on Rapidworkers or do you have any experience with Rapidworkers?

you can always share your thoughts with us in comments.


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