How to Create a New Youtube Channel – Simple Step by Step Guide

how to create a youtube Channel

Want to create your very first youtube channel?

Well, Youtube’s recent statistic has some pleasant news for you.

According to youtube, they have active 1.9 billion users watching over 1 billion hours of video every single day. It is almost an hour per day for every user on youtube.
This also means that all your potential audiences are hanging around on youtube.

But, To start your journey as a Youtuber, You need to do your groundwork.

You have to set up an engaging and good looking channel for your viewers.

In this article, We will see how to create a youtube channel step by step.

So let’s jump into the article.

Sign into your Youtube Account

You probably already know that Youtube is owned by Google.

This makes us to necessarily own a Google account to create a youtube channel.

If you don’t have one, before proceeding with the article, go to Google and Create a new account for you.

creating google account for youtube

Once you have your google account ready, go to youtube.

Click on the sign in the option to sign into your youtube account.

Sign in into youtube to create a youtube Channel

Now again click on your profile picture, and then click on the “setting” button.

Click on setting on youtube menu

It will bring you to the settings page just like shown below.

From the page, click on the “create a new channel ” link to start the process.

This will lead to the page where you have to decide your channel name.

Choosing Your Youtube channel name

Have you already decided your youtube channel name?

Well, there are a few important factors you need to consider before you naming your channel.

We have put in some of the import factors to consider, so go through this part and make sure you considered all the factors mentioned here.

First of all, ask yourself these questions.

What your channel is going to be?

Are you going to run a channel on a specific category? Or you do this for branding purpose?

Are you one man band or a group of people?

And now we have two usual ways Youtube channels are named.

First, A brand name or a personal name.

Second, A Descriptive category name.

You can create a channel with your name or your Brand name if the channel is solely for the branding which is mostly chosen by brands or personalities with an already established presence.

A good example of that is Will Smith.

On the other side of the coin, We have category based descriptive name.

A descriptive name is something your users can easily understand right at the moment without even thinking about it.

It should be unique easier to understand and must be within 2 to 3 words.

Kevin Hart’s “LOL Network” is a perfect example.

Youtube Channel Name Example - LOL Network

Even if we don’t even know who Kevin Hart is, You basically get the Idea. The category of the channel is Comedy.

As a viewer, you can simply understand what the channel is about with zero time spent on thinking.

I always recommend creating a descriptive name over the personal one as it will be easier for your audience to remember and youtube is also getting more competitive than before.

When making a name for your channel, Get a little bit creative and spend some time to come up with a good channel name.

You can also try tools like Shopify business name generator to come up with a handful of ideas.

And it’s also important that not somebody else already has an established account same name as yours.

So whatever name you come up with, go to youtube, put that your name into search bar and make sure there is no Youtube Channel Similar name as yours.

Checking channel names on youtube

Once you decided your channel name, fill the user name and click on the create the channel button.

Congratulations! We just created your very first youtube channel. It’s your first step towards your journey as a Youtuber.

But we are still scratching the surface my friend. We need to do a little bit of work to make your channel look good when a new visitor arriving your channel. So keep reading.

Fill the about Section

As soon as you have your account ready, Go to the “about” section fill in the about the section. Now you want to put in the details of the page there.

Also, sprinkle some of your important keywords for your channel there.

For specific searches google even rank channels so make sure putting the right keyword.

Filling Youtube Channel's About section

And putting the keywords inside first 100 to 150 characters gives you a slight advantage.

Always take that into consideration, especially, if you are putting out educational content.

Also Choose your target country, If you are specifically targetting any country.

Adding channel art to youtube

Channel art, simply, is the youtube version of your facebook cover photo. And In fact, it is a great way to tell your audience what your channel is going to be all about.

Since people are watching Youtube from different devices, youtube is going to show three different versions for people from different devices.

So does that mean youtube want you to upload three different arts?


Instead, Youtube recommends the standard size of 2560 x 1440 px.

Look at the image below. It’s the standard framework for youtube channel art.

Youtube channel art recommended dimensions by Youtube

You need to put all the important parts, text and images, inside that safer zone of your channel art.

The dimension for the safer zone is 1546 x 423 px.

If you put all your information inside that, it will be visible to your audience from all the devices.

And keep your file size 6MB or under.

When creating your channel art, it is easy to complicate things or get overwhelmed.

Instead, keep it simple and clean. At the same time, make sure you deliver all the messages you wanted to convey to your audience.

If you are looking for an idea, Here is the channel art from the channel “weed ’em & Reap”.

Youtube channel art example -  Channel - Weed 'em Reap

It is a story of a family living a peaceful homestead lifestyle inside a city.

Take a look at their Channel Art, they have the picture of their family with some carrot, a goat and a chicken.

With the title “ Country life inside a city”.

Here is one another from Pat Flynn’s smart passive income. Pat helps his audience to make passive income online.

Youtube Channel art example 2 - Pat Flynn

Simple background with His logo, tagline for branding, and a nice picture of him.

Straightforward and simple.

If you want to create your channel art by yourself, you can use tools like Canva to create your channel art, or if you want someone to do it for you, you can find a professional on places like Fiverr for cheap.

Once you completed your channel art, click on my channel link from the menu and from there click on the link to upload your channel art.

Go to the page, and adjust the image, so that it can sit comfortably inside the recommended image size.

Adjusting channel art after uploading it

Once you put your image in the right position click and save the image.

Next, We need to add your channel icon.

Adding channel icon

Channel icon is the picture you see on every video of yourself whenever someone watching a video of yours.

Simply, it’s your profile picture.

If you are a brand consider uploading your logo as the channel art.

On the other hand, if you are a person solely managing all your youtube channel, put your picture of yourself there.

Here is an example of Anwar Jibawi using his picture as the channel icon.

Channel Icon Example - Anwar Jibawi

If you are a crew making videos, you can consider creating a channel icon which includes all your crew members.

Uploading your channel art is the same as your channel art. Hover over profle avatar to upload your profile picture.

Adding Links to Your Channel

When you are in youtube, it is important for you to connect with your audiences outside youtube.

So how you are going to do that.

For that youtube give you space, If you already into youtube as a youtube viewer, I guess you must have seen or visited links from some of your favorite channels.

That’s essential here is how you can do that.

Go to about section of your youtube channel,

Youtube shows up to 5 links right on your home page, So put your important links first.

Click on the Add button

Adding important links to the youtube channel

Type in your most important links to add them to show them on your about page as well as on your home page.

An example for links from the channel Dan Lok.

Youtube channel - Added links example

Upload your channel trailer

Uploading a channel trailer is the best way to let your audience know about your content. You need to make a short video showing all the content you are going to post about.

Whatever your content is, put it precisely inside the video your video. It indeed is the best way to attract when a new audience approaching your channel.

You need to make it short and make sure it is packed with all your message you want to convey.

Here is Will Smith’s one minute trailer.

First of all upload that video into Youtube.

Now go to your channel’s home page, click on “for new visitors” option.

Uploading channel trailer to youtube

And then click on the “Channel trailer” button to choose your trailer video.

Optimize your videos

Always have in your mind that youtube need to understand the video. from our side, we need to inform youtube three important things.

Here are they.


Make title contains your keyword and also must have an emotional hook. Always make the little bit exciting so your viewers will find that helpful and watch it for you.

Don’t make a click bait with a misleading title that may affect you.


Include a clear description of your video, What you are doing in the video, what is going to be the take away along with some keywords you are going to target.

If possible you can also include the transcription of the video to the description.


Tags are used by youtube to effectively categorize videos into different categories so that they show relevant videos to audiences.

Use Tubebuddy extension to find the relevant tags from your competitor’s videos.

Adding right tags on youtube using tubebuddy

Take their tags that suites your videos and include all them into your video.

The first challenge – monetization

Now that you have your account ready. The next thing everyone wants to do is to make some money from those videos.

If I’m guessing right, you must have seen ads on youtube. Original, these videos are from youtube’s ad network Google Adsense.

To show those Adsense ads on your videos, Adsense has made some basic requirements.

Your youtube account must either 1000 subscribers or 10,000 views.

Now, this is the first goal ahead in your journey. Go create useful videos for youtube audience base.

Always try to be consistent with your videos. Consistency is key when it comes to youtube. And it will help you to connect with your audiences.

This will make you successful over time.


Creating a youtube channel does not have to be complicated.

Follow all these steps. You will probably have a beautiful channel in front of you. Work consistently, for sure you will succeed over time.

so what are your plans?

What kind of videos you are going to produce?

Share with others in the comments.

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