7 Best Micro Job Sites – Earn Money For Completing Small Tasks

List of 7 Best Micro Job Sites

Let me ask you a question.

what is the thing that holds you back from earning online?

If it is something relevant to your skills, I have the best place for you, Online Micro job sites, which are also known as microtasking sites.

At Micro job sites, The basic skills that we all have will make you money. No need for any advanced skills.

This article will help you to learn about Micro jobs and also has 7 sites you can sign up right now for free.

How Micro Job Sites Work

Before joining microtasking sites, Especially, if you are new, I want you to understand how microtasking works as it will give you a clear idea about your job.

In fact, Understanding microtasking is pretty simple.

Let’s say, someone has a project to complete and it requires no specific skills. In this case, one of the best and fastest ways to complete the job is crowdsourcing, the another name for microtasking.

How job sites work step by step

Microtasking sites split that project into small pieces of work and send it to members with proper instructions to complete the tasks.

Once a member completes a task, Sites would manually check their job for quality purpose.

If they are satisfied with the work, members will get paid.

And there is one more another thing you need to know, the types of tasks that you are going to receive.

These sites send different types of tasks like quality checking, internet research, transcription, categorization and few other.

Now we learned about microtasking sites. Next, we have to sign up and start to work.

Here I listed 7 best sites. They may vary a little bit from each other. I explained all them down below in this list.

1.Amazon Mturk

Micro Jobs - MturkMturk has more than two hundred thousand tasks available.

At Mturk, you can expect more tasks than any other site. It also provides a huge variety of tasks so, you will never be bored or run out of tasks.

All you need to do is, select the task that you find interesting from the available tasks and complete that within the allotted time.

Mturk available tasks

This site accepts members from all over the world. You need an Amazon account to sign up for Mturk.


US workers receive their earnings through Amazon payments. India workers have the facility to transfer to their bank accounts in local currency.

Other international workers can transfer their earnings to Amazon gift card balance.


If Mturk is not accepting members right now, Don’t feel bad. They are accepting members once a while. Go ahead and sign up right now, when there is a place available for you, they will send you an invitation to join. This will give you an advantage over other.

Sign up for mturk


Click asksworker micro tClick worker is similar to mturk. Here also you can expect different types of interesting tasks.

Special skills may bring you more tasks. If you have any specific skills, Update them by visiting your “clickworker profile” for some extra tasks.

ClickWorker Profile Update

Clickworker also has an affiliation with UHRS so you can also expect tasks from them too. Right now UHRS tasks are available to 20 countries most of them are countries in Europe and North America.

Workers from US and Germany will receive more jobs than the rest.


You need to earn $10 to request a payout through Paypal.

Sign up for Clickworker


Spare5 Micro jobThis one is my favorite site. Their tasks are easier to complete. You can find fun tasks like drawing boxes around objects, Guessing sports, describing images and few other.

Spare5 also offers many AI based tasks which are pretty easy to complete.

You can find all the available tutorials, tasks and upcoming tasks from the box on your right corner.

Spare5 available Tasks

Try to complete all the tutorials available. The more tutorial tasks you complete the more paid tasks you will receive.


Payout happens automatically on every Friday through Paypal if you have more than 1 dollar on your account.

Sign up for Spare5

Refer: Spare5 jobs – The Definitive Guide

4.Crowd flower

CrowdFlower TaskAnother good place to find micro-tasks. This site is not directly accepting members so you need an intermediate site like Clixsense.

Crowd flower is a little bit different from other sites. You need to earn level batches in order to get access to all the tasks available. Batches will be awarded based on your accuracy in tasking.

Once you gained batches, You will have access to more tasks.

Maintain high accuracy for consistent job opportunities.

Your earnings will be immediately sent to your intermediate site.

To join Crowdflower go to Clixsense.com and sign up. Then click on “tasks” on the Clixsense menu bar and from there you can sign up for Crowdflower.

Refer: Crowdflower Tasks – The Definitive Guide


Onespace MicrojobOnespace is really a good place for people who love to write.

This site offers various positions which you can acquire by completing qualification tests. Each test you pass at the basic level will unlock opportunity for advanced positions.

Onespace offers up to 3 attempts to pass a test. So take the tests seriously, especially in the basic tests.


Once your tasks are verified, you would instantly receive your earnings. I would take about one or two days to verify your task.

There is no minimum payout amount even if you make 1 cent only, it will be transferred to your Paypal account.

Sign up for Onespace


RapidWorkers micro jobAnother site where you can expect a good amount of tasks.

This site mostly sends app and web testing related jobs.

Most of the tasks are country based, So before choosing any task, you have to make sure that you are selecting the right job.

You need to keep your accuracy over 60% anything below that would put your account at suspension.


Minimum cashout is $8. You can receive your money through either PayPal or Skrill. It may take about one week for them to send your earnings.

Sign up for Rapidworkers


Microworkers micro jobAnother place to expect a decent amount of tasks.

Keep higher accuracy to unlock more tasks through hired group tasks. (Group of people hired to complete particular tasks, mostly, people with higher accuracy)

This site holds more opportunity for iPhone users as you can expect many app testing tasks on this site.

Cashout happens through PayPal and Payoneer. You need to make $9 to request cashout.

Sign up for Microworkers

Finally, few more things you need to know

Before we finish, There are few more things you have to know about micro jobs.

1.Almost all microtasking sites pay through PayPal so make sure that you have a verified PayPal account.

2. In microtasking, it is all about quality. Neither side knows each other. The quality of your work is the thing that is going to represent you.

3. You also need to complete tasks within a limited time, beware of that too.

That’s it. I hope you signed up for all the sites mentioned above. Use them correctly, it will definitely help you make some extra cash. Also, make sure that you are maintaining a good accuracy in your job as it really important.

Need any help, Let us know in the comment section below.

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